Direct Placement

Through a comprehensive screening process, we present stellar candidates who possess the qualifications, skills, and cultural alignment needed to drive your success. Trust us to find the right candidate who seamlessly integrates into your organization and makes a lasting impact.

Temporary Staffing

Our Temporary Staffing Solution – the agile workforce solution for your evolving needs. We provide flexible, skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team, offering increased agility, cost-efficiency, and scalability for your business to thrive.

RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Revolutionize talent acquisition with our game-changing RPO service. Our streamlined process accelerates hiring, ensuring the perfect fit for your organization. Unleash a powerhouse of talent, elevate your employer brand, and dominate the competition.

RFE for M&A

In the often overlooked realm of existing and profitable businesses undergoing ownership transitions, we specialize in providing comprehensive support to investors, M&A professionals, and private equity firms. By delivering the right talent, we facilitate seamless transitions into the next phases of growth, ensuring sustained success for these enterprises.

Luxury Ecommerce

Our team successfully filled a range of key roles for a leader in online luxury goods, including Manager of Engineering, Senior Software Engineers, Senior Systems Engineers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, and Help Desk professionals.

SaaS Finance

Our team has consistently delivered rapid and exceptional results for a global mid-sized company, successfully filling a diverse range of roles. From AP Specialists and Security Compliance professionals to Platform Engineers, Product Support, Senior Software Engineers, Digital Advertising Managers, Boomi Integration Developers, IAM Engineers, AEM Developers, Data Engineers, UX Designers, and Data Architects.

PR & Marketing

Our consistent track record of delivering outstanding results for a global marketing company includes successful placements of key positions such as Systems Engineer, Principal Systems Architect, Compensation Manager, IT Support Engineer, Senior Technology Trainer, and Digital Specialist.

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At Alpha Ohmega Partners, we build relationships, connect you with vision-aligned candidates, and eliminate recruitment headaches. By redefining possibilities for people through opportunities, we empower transformative success.

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